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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to ask a question, please contact us, and we will respond to you and add it to this list.

Caractacus in Rocket Suit.What is the name of the story that Grandpa Potts is reading to the children by the fireplace when Caractacus comes in for a part for the car?

According to someone who spoke with a member of the cast, Lionel Jeffries made up the story.

Where was the movie filmed?

rothenburg.jpg (17265 bytes)The Vulgarian village scenes were filmed in the ancient walled city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Bavaria. A beautiful city, this link has photos: It is not near the castle.

Many scenes were filmed on a soundstage or on a back lot. If you watch the scene where the Baron lands with Grandpa's hut in Vulgaria, you will notice that the castle is not the actual one. A mock-up was built on the back lot. The real castle, Neuschwanstein, is in Bavaria, and was used for distant exterior shots. This is the famous fairy tale Castle built by King Ludwig II.

The windmill is in Turville, and the duck pond is in Russell's Water. Both are near the town of Marlow, west of London, England. It is my understanding that many other outdoor locations were filmed in the same vicinity, namely the candy factory exterior, and the bridge that the spies use when attempting to capture Chitty. The beach scenes were shot at Cape Camerat near St-Tropez in the South of France. The garden where Truly Scrumptious sings "Lovely Lonely Man"  is at the front of Pinewood Studios - the bridge is still there, and it is also featured in the 2018 film, "Mary Poppins Returns."

Windmill The Windmill, taken in 2002.    Duck Pond The Duck Pond, taken in 2002.

fountain.jpg (10155 bytes)  house.jpg (14912 bytes) The bridge and house at the front of Pinewood Studios. Another set of pictures, courtesy of Tony Green.

A picture of the bridge that the spies tried to blow up and the gates of the Scrumptious home, courtesy of Tony Green.

Where can I buy a Chitty toy or other product?

You can find many collectibles for sale at You may also be able to find some items from Products such as the London stage musical soundtrack can be found at

I have a Chitty item for sale. Would you like to buy it?

I generally buy in person at antique stores, shows, etc., or from ebay.

Is there a Web site that gives a fairly detailed "where are they now" update regarding the cast?

I don't know of one.

Was the Chitty car modeled after a real car?

The car in the film was based off models of the era depicted in the story, with parts from actual cars.

Does the "GEN 11" on the license plate have any significance or meaning?

It is from the book...Genie...which reflects the magical nature of the car. In the book and the London stage musical the car had more magical qualities than in the movie version.